What makes me less angry at people

Perspective is great.

But sometimes it’s better to remember that everyone’s fighting their own battle and you have to be a little forgiving.  Pain is pain, and pain is not going to stop because other people have felt it worse, or in different ways, in different situations.  Someone is still hurting and it doesn’t matter if they’re the most obnoxious, privileged, sheltered buttlord, it’s still hurt and if you turn your back on it or dismiss it because it seems inconsequential to you, you’re not bettering the world in any capacity.

This in and of itself is perspective, but in a different sense.  The logic of knowing when to back off.  The reason of sympathy.  And it’s your responsibility to act as the voice of reason, because when someone is hurting, they act in ways they normally would not.  You’re the designated driver of assorted neurotransmitters and adverse events.

Of course, when you’re in pain yourself, it’s hard to see past that.  But you have to, in a way.

I don’t mean hesitating to criticize someone who is saying things with which you don’t agree.  By all means, that’s fun.  But that’s different.

Not that I have in any capacity have It All Figured Out, but sometimes I get so angry at people, and that’s not a useful way to spend time.  Angry, I mean.  The kind of anger that just sits and boils and writhes and burns down into me, simultaneously stolid and diffusing poison.  Not the kind that gets things done.
So it’s just better to assume that folks essentially try to do good but can’t all the time.
Never attribute to malice what could just as easily be attributed to ignorance. 
And let people have their pain. 


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  2. dreamwaffles said: A classic Zen proverb is that “mean people are suffering”. I’ve meditated on it for two years, and find that the more I do, the more compassionate I get. It’s not that my pain doesn’t matter, but theirs does too.
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